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Roller blinds

Huge array of options

Roller Blinds add that special touch to your home, whilst compromising your privacy at times they are still the public’s favoured choice. With so many optional accessories such as braids, tapes, poles, finials and pulls added to your choice of straight edged, scalloped or castle designs we have all you need to create the perfect Roller Blind for your home. With over 300 fabrics in stock we are sure we have everything you need to make the right choice.

Kitchen with white window blinds


Perfect for any room setting

Venetian Blinds offer that modern feel providing you with optimum privacy and security they also provide more benefits to your home than any other blind. Most Venetian blinds today are sold in either 16mm and 25mm although 35mm and 50mm are still available its normally the 25mm blind our clients choose.


Wooden venetian blinds

The right fit every time

Woodslatt Venetian blinds can finish off your window with style. Often preffered to homes that don't lend to curtains. We can supply 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slatts all available with a wide selection of finishing tapes and ladder cords either to match or contrast with your blind. We offer three types of slatt starting with our budget range made from 100% Basswood with set operating cords, to our superior 100% real wood with optional control options and magnestised pelmets.

ProEXR File Description

cameraAperture (float): 36
cameraFarClip (float): 0
cameraFarRange (float): 10000
cameraFov (float): 45.8999
cameraNearClip (float): 0
cameraNearRange (float): 0
cameraProjection (int): 0
cameraTargetDistance (float): 227.571
cameraTransform (m44f): [{0.0032895, 0, -0.999995, -67.0967}, {-0.999995, 0, -0.0032895, 218.682}, {0, 1, 0, 75.481}, {0, 0, 0, 1}]
channels (chlist)
compression (compression): None
dataWindow (box2i): [0, 0, 3678, 3999]
displayWindow (box2i): [0, 0, 3678, 3999]
gamma (float): 1
lineOrder (lineOrder): Increasing Y
pixelAspectRatio (float): 1
screenWindowCenter (v2f): [0, 0]
screenWindowWidth (float): 1
tiles (tiledesc): [64, 64]
type (string):


For a sleek modern finish

Roman Blinds can be a great benefit to your home giving a completed look to any window. As an alternative to curtains and with deluxe headrail and blackout options as well as matching cusion covers and a range of braids pulls and scallop shapes to compliment our selection of fabrics all finished to the highest standard. With over fifty patterns and plain fabrics to choose from we are sure we will have a fabric to compliment any room.


Vertical Blinds

For a sleek modern finish

We know that you like your home to look good, but what do vertical blinds bring to the table that regular horizontal blinds don't? First, they take up less space. They fit snug into windows where you'd normally put a shade or an awning. (Of course, that's not to say that you can't put them anywhere else in your home; vertical blinds look great in other rooms, too.) Second, it's easy to adjust the light they let into a room, since they can be rotated to any angle